To all of you over the years who asked for the book to go with the deck.

The New York Tarot was a concept waiting out there in the Celestial Ether. I was not the first to think of creating a New York Tarot. Once I started on my quest to produce the deck I learned that at least 2 other people had had a similar idea. However, after 5 years and 125 volunteer models, I was the one who succeded in finishing and publishing the New York Tarot. I was lucky and I had help. It was an adventure and the production of each image was an exploration of the symbolic and magikal content and meaning of each Tarot Card.

My aim in this blog is to share the story of the creation of the deck and stories and meanings that go with each card.

I hope to post the story of one card each week.

Wish me luck!

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